About us

We are a producer and distributor of extraordinary natural skin and hair care products.
Nacomi is a brand of natural cosmetics made only from top quality ecological and organic ingredients.
We draw inspiration from nature, healthy lifestyle and natural beauty. 
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The history of Nacomi brand

  • December 2012

    Nacomi is born.
    We get the first shipment of argan oil and the amazing black soap from Morocco.
    December 2012
    January – March 2013

    January – March 2013

    We start to sell 
    Our products receive much attention from customers. Our range is expanded with new raw materials. We make our first body butters and scrubs. We present our brand at a trade fair in Warsaw. The visitors are crazy about our products.

    July - October 2013

    Our online shop opens
    We set up our website and an online shop. Our products can be purchased in bulk now. We make our first face creams, body lotions and massage candles. We add new cold-pressed oils to our range.
    July - October 2013
  • January - July 2014

    Our product range doubles
    New products include: cosmetic clays, cold-pressed oils, such as black seed oil, inca inchi oil and tamanu oil, which are absolute beauty must-haves, and our professional algae face masks. Our natural hair care products are launched. 
    January - July 2014
    August 2014

    August 2014

    Our first nationwide customer
    A selection of our products starts to be sold in Hebe drugstores (a nationwide chain owned by Jeronimo Martins Group). Our cosmetics can be bought in stores all over Poland now. We launch our fluffy body mousses, which many of you love so much!

    January - March 2015

    We go to Bologna
    We participate in the largest international beauty fair, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, for the first time. We sell our first products in Italy. Our bath products, as well as hair and scalp care oils are introduced.
    January - March 2015
  • June - November 2015

    New products premiere
    A whole range of new products is introduced, including our products for kids and babies, pregnant women and tan lovers, as well as our corundum-based face scrubs. Our new coconut oil cream wins your hearts. You can look after your skin in winter with our lip butters and hand creams.
    June - November 2015
    February - June 2016

    February - June 2016

    We start to export
    Now you can buy our products in the Netherlands, in England and in the USA. We launch our vegan coffee scrubs and makeup removers.

    September 2016 - January 2017

    Nacomi helps others
    We support a Polish organization called „Kwiat Kobiecości”, which aims to raise cervical cancer awareness. We raise money for WOŚP, a foundation which supports paediatric and geriatric wards in Polish hospitals. 
    September 2016 - January 2017
  • March 2017

    Brand new look
    We give our products a brand new look. Its premiere takes place at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna. Our creamy face masks, shower jellies, bath powders, smooth body butters, a new body mousse and scrubs are launched. Our inca inchi oil receives the “Editor’s Choice” award from Glamour magazine. 
    March 2017
    May 2017

    May 2017

    Hello Middle East!
    We hit the road again - this time to conquer the Middle East!
    We present our products at the Beautyworld Middle East trade fair in Dubai.
    Ps. The visitors loved them! 



We are a producer and distributor of natural skin care products.
Our seat and production facility is located in a small village in the south of Poland. 
The decisive factor in the selection of raw materials and ingredients that you can find in our products is their quality. 
Our manufacturing practice is in compliance with PN-EN ISO 22716.
All our products are handmade. Our quality assurance specialists watch over the production process and the final products, to make sure they are always of the highest quality.

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